Friday, July 3, 2015

The Friday Fix - Episode Three Release and other updates

Whooohoooooo!!!! RELEASE DAY!

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Three: The Playwright is now live on Amazon!

If that wasn't awesome enough, you can get a FREE copy of Episode Two today and tomorrow if you haven't picked it up yet. New episodes and free stuff - I'm having a pretty fabulous day so far!

On a more serious note, there will be a month-long hiatus between Episode Three and Episode Four as I attend to a prior commitment. Episode Four will be released on July 31st and the serial will commence with its usual two week schedule - but stick around, as I'll still be hosting some fun events, giving away more free episodes and posting your weekly dose of teasers in the meantime. I apologize for the delay, but this commitment was set up months in advance and I need to uphold my obligations.

And remember, reviews and word of mouth are an author's best friend - if you are enjoying the serial, please consider telling others about it and leaving a review.

Happy Reading!

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