Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teaser Tuesday

The Tuesday Tease is so much fun! Without further ado, I give you the first look at Episode Three:

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Three : The Playwright

Cinnamon rolled her hands over the soft fuzzy skin, savoring the sweet aroma before placing the peach against her lips. She leaned back into the wooden railing, a gentle breeze ruffling her hair behind her as she peered up the mainmast to where Sebastian stood, his strong hands pulling at the heavy sails against the wind. He lifted his arm, drawing it over the sweat that dripped into his eyes, his hair slick over his head from the summer heat.
Cinnamon inhaled deeply, her teeth tearing into the delicate skin until her mouth filled with its soft innards, juices dripping down her chin from the corners of her lips. She chased the sweet juice with her tongue, sighing with contentment as its tangy flavor danced in her mouth. Sebastian grabbed the hem of his billowy white shirt, yanking it up over his head before stuffing the corner of it under his belt to keep it from blowing away. The fabric waved behind him, twisting left and right like a flag caught in a storm. His defined chest was slightly tan from the sun, sweat beading over the toned muscles of his abdomen. Thin black tattoos ringed his sinewy biceps as he pulled at the ropes. Cinn’s eyes widened and she swallowed hard.

If you enjoyed this little snippet, Episode Three is scheduled to be released this Friday, July 3rd on Amazon, just in time for some summer beach reading (or writing, in my case, because I still have so much more story to tell!)

Thanks for reading!

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