Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tease!

Since Episode One was just released last week, I figured I'd give you all another taste for those of you who haven't checked it out yet.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode One : The Great White Bear

“My Lady! So happy you accepted our invitation!” His dark eyes, almost black, swept over Cinn standing just behind Lady Night and his smile grew wider. “I didn’t realize you’d be bringing a companion, Mistress.”
Leilani’s bright red lips hardened into a thin line.
“My apprentice is here simply to watch and to learn. She is not to be touched under any circumstances.” Her voice held a dangerous edge Cinn had never heard before - it commanded obedience and the man’s smile shifted as he dropped into a flourishing bow before her.
“Of course, My Lady.”
Leilani turned to Cinn, her eyes sharp and firm, “Cinnamon, I’d like to introduce you to Lord Waybridge - our Patron for this evening and current leader of the Ursanthrope.”
Cinnamon dipped into her best mimicry of a curtsy, her heart beating faster each moment, making her head swim.
She had heard of Werefolk, but only in stories - the kind her orphanage mother would tell to scare her and the other children into staying in their beds at night. Even though she now knew the truth about shifters, there was still a part of her that trembled as Lord Waybridge’s dark eyes fixed to her intently, watching each clumsy movement as she righted herself. The intensity of his gaze made her squirm under its weight and Cinn stared down at the ground in front of her, knowing that if she looked up their eyes would meet and her cheeks would burn.

Next week we'll be doing our first sneak peek at Episode Two: The Dragon Prince which comes out June 19th, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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