Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Tuesday Tease

Let's kick off our very first Tuesday Tease with something to get the blood pumping:

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode One : The Great White Bear

He pressed his lips firmly into the nape of her collarbone, kisses climbing up the soft skin towards the curve of her jaw. Cinnamon squeezed her eyes shut as the fluted glass tumbled forgotten from her hand, landing in a pile of deerskin under her feet. Her hands groped desperately into the tapestry behind her, knotting her fingers into the rough fabric to hold herself upright as a surge of pleasure spun the room before her eyes. She had gotten drunk before, but this was something else. Intoxication was in the air - it was in the pounding drums that filled her ears, and in the scent of lust and need so thick she could taste it on her tongue.

There you have it - the first sneak peek at the new series! I hope you enjoyed this little snippet and if you want to read more, Episode One will be available for your Kindle reading devices on June 5th, 2015.

Thanks for reading!

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