Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tease - Double Trouble

This week I thought I'd give you a double dose of teasing, introducing you to one of my favorite characters in Rapturous Dawn - the enigmatic and gorgeous Sebastian. I've got a snippet from Episode One, AND a sneak peek at Episode Two which is scheduled for release on June 19th.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode One : The Great White Bear

“A message for you, Mistress.” A voice cut through the heavy wooden door from the hall - deep and masculine.
Water was still dripping rivers down Cinnamon’s skin as the door creaked open and a head of dark mahogany hair and shining silver eyes peeked through.
Cinn froze as the young man’s eyes landed on her naked body, caressing every curve of her with an inquisitive smirk on his lips. She had never had anyone unabashedly observe her like that and her hands twitched, uncertain if she should cover herself or allow him to continue his thorough scrutiny of her anatomy.
Leilani had turned her back to the door - moving towards a row of hooks on the wall. She lifted up a silk robe, a vibrant shade of emerald, that she draped over Cinn’s shoulders before turning her attention to the messenger. Cinnamon quickly pushed her arms through the sleeves and wrapped the robe around herself, shielding her skin from the intensity of his gaze. The soft fabric clung to her, barely a fluttering kiss against her damp skin.
Leilani cleared her throat, holding her hand out expectantly, and the young man with the silver eyes startled out of his trance-like stare.

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Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Two : The Dragon Prince

“Did you see the drawing of the Dragon Prince’s lover?” Cinn grumbled, turning back to the book in her lap.
Sebastian frowned, “What about her? You’re not human, Cinnamon.” He snorted out a laugh suddenly, “That won’t happen to you. Your shifter body can do and withstand things you probably can’t even imagine yet.”
Cinnamon scowled, “What would you know about my shifter body?”
“More than you, obviously.”
Cinnamon clenched her teeth and Sebastian grinned wider.

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