Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Fix - Episode Four Cover Reveal

This week we're finally getting a look at Episode Four, due out July 31st for release.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Four: The Doppelganger


The Rapturous Dawn is no ordinary vessel. It travels the Waves of Time, ferrying its supernatural crew across every ocean throughout history.

Cinnamon Blake has just stepped aboard its shadowy decks, agreeing to apprentice with the ship’s sole passenger - the mysterious Lady Night. Cinn is willing to accept both pleasure and pain to master the secrets of her new world and find her place within it.

Episode Four:
Cinnamon accepts an invitation to a remote castle in the mountains where she comes face to face with a mysterious shifter unlike any she’s met before. The Doppelganger is cunning and seductive - an enigma that Cinn can’t help but try to unravel.

But the Doppelganger has plans for Cinnamon, and accepting this particular invitation could be a decision that haunts her until the end of time.

The Doppelganger is the fourth episode in the Rapturous Dawn Serial.

Rapturous Dawn is a work of serialized fiction - short, individual vignettes with an over-arcing storyline. You can read the installments like separate stories or follow them in order like episodes of a television series.

***Due to explicit sexual content, language and violence, this series is recommended for ages 18+***

Hope you're enjoying the serial so far. Episode Four is one I've been looking forward to since the very beginning of the serial and I'm very excited to finally get it out to all of you.


Thanks for reading!

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