Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Tuesday Tease - First look at Episode Four

The anticipation for Episode Four is killing me ahhhhhhh! (I'm so impatient lol!)
So, today I'll be doing a short snippet since I still have tons of editing to do and almost forgot what day it was eeeep!

This scene is an encounter between Cinnamon and the mysterious doppelganger who has taken the shape of Cinnamon's body.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Four : The Doppelganger

“You want to know what it would be like to love your own body the way you do others?” The familiar sound of her voice poured from the creature’s mouth, “All you have to do is kiss me again.”
Cinnamon couldn’t lie, knowing her voice would fail and betray her, so she simply shook her head.
“But aren’t you the least bit curious? You have a dark side. You yearn for things you know you shouldn’t - chaffing at the shackles your Mistress has bound you with…”
“You know nothing about me.” She said breathlessly.
“I am your doppelganger. I know every dark desire of your heart.”
“You’re just a very talented shifter with an uncanny eye for detail.”
The creature smiled and Cinn shuddered at the strange way her own mouth curled on its face, “Perhaps.”

A little creepy, huh? But the doppelganger is so much fun to write (he / she likes to play some pretty wicked mind-games). I hope you enjoyed this little teaser - I'll be posting the new cover and blurb in this week's Friday Fix so stick around!

Thanks for reading!

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