Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tease Me Tuesday!

Let's just jump into our second snippet from Episode Three, shall we? In this scene, Cinnamon first meets the playwright's friend Daniel.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Three : The Playwright

Daniel turned his full attention to Cinnamon and a slow smile formed over his lips.
“That’s very kind of you, Miss…”
“Cinnamon.” She answered his unspoken question and her cheeks warmed slightly as their eyes met. His resemblance to Sebastian was uncanny, a few slight differences - like the color of his eyes - but close enough to make her heart flutter when he smiled at her.
Cinn realized she was staring and slowly blinked her eyelids as if awakening from a dream.
“I look forward to playing your lover.” His lips twisted into a mischievous smirk and Cinnamon blanched.
Did he know the sordid thoughts floating through her head?
Benjamin laughed suddenly, a deep hearty sound that made her jump in surprise. She hadn’t thought him capable of such robust gaiety in his current condition.
“She hasn’t read the play yet.” Benjamin laughed again, reaching over to touch her reassuringly on the arm, “Daniel will be playing opposite you. Though you won’t have to speak, we should probably get you familiar with your scenes beforehand.”

Episode Three is officially out on Amazon.

Next week we'll be participating in The Paranormal Romance Blog Hop from Precious Monsters. I'll be selecting a special teaser from a future episode (so, like a super-teaser?) for next week's post - so stick around!

Thanks for reading!

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