Friday, August 7, 2015

The Friday Fix - Cover Changes / Cover Reveals

*Re-reads her post title*
Either I'm still half asleep, or that title sounds like the cover is doing a strip-tease lol!
Yeah, maybe I'm still too sleepy...

*Comes back an hour later after consuming a substantial amount of coffee.*
Okay, much more awake and less silly now (maybe :P)

While working on the cover for Episode Five, I decided to make some changes to the previous four episodes. I think the revised covers look pretty good, though I still may make some more changes in the future *shakes fist at Episode Three*.

Oh, what's this? The cover for Episode Five?

Yep, what do you think?
I think, so far, the cover for Episode Five is probably my favorite - but then again, it's a special episode. It delves deeper into the back-story of the Rapturous Dawn and its crew - and there's pirates. Who doesn't love some dangerous, morally corrupt pirates to shake things up?

Well, today was just a peek. I'll be doing a proper cover reveal with blurb next week on the Friday Fix - and teasers for Episode Five start next week, so stick around.

Thanks for reading :D

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