Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teaser Tuesday!

Just a few more days until Episode Five is released. I'm sooooo excited!!!! You'd think by now it would have lost its luster - but no, every time is like the first time. :D

Today's teaser is a snippet of conversation between Cinnamon and the Captain of the pirate ship who has taken her and the entire crew of the Rapturous Dawn prisoner.

Rapturous Dawn ~ Episode Five : The Waves of Time

Cinnamon leaned forward, trying to keep the rope loose between them. He smiled, satisfied, and then coiled the end around his forearm, pulling her towards him until she could feel his breath on her cheeks.
“If you promise to behave no harm will come to you.” Cinn lifted her eyes, nodding. The Captain pursed his lips skeptically, “You promise not to shift?”
“I don’t know how to shift.” She said steadily, her chin rising higher as she met his gaze.
“Is that so? Interesting.” His lip curled on one side as he coiled the rope around his arm again, giving her so little leeway she was forced to kneel in front of him. With his other hand he pressed his fingers under her chin, lifting her face to peer curiously into her eyes. Cinnamon’s mouth twisted into a sneer of disgust.
“I’m not an evil man.” He said softly, “Just a desperate one. Centuries of torment have made us this way. Time has driven us mad - but we cannot lose our humanity.” Cinnamon made a small sound of doubt and he narrowed his eyes at her. “But what would a creature like you know of humanity?”
Cinnamon pressed her lips into a thin line, exhaling through her nose, “I was raised as a human. I lived among them my whole life. Their capacity for goodness is only equal to their capacity for cruelty.”
“You think I’m cruel?”
Cinnamon didn’t need to answer.
When he didn’t continue, she began to feel brave.
“How did you come to be stuck in this place?” She asked quietly.
“The wrath of fate. Regrets we cannot atone for—”
He stared down at his hands and after a moment twined the length of rope between his fingers, hardening his fist.

That Captain! Sheesh, even I'm not sure if I feel sorry for him, or if I want Cinnamon to gouge his eyes out - and he's a figment of my imagination! Ha!

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Thanks for reading!

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