Sunday, March 19, 2017

Explainations after a (very!) long absence.

Hello Again, Lovely Readers!

I know it has been a horrendously long time since I've stopped in here to give an update. Two years really is completely unacceptable, and I felt I should finally come clean about what's been going on and why the serial stopped so unexpectedly (and perhaps even when it may resume).

First, I have been totally remiss to not have mentioned it at the time, but shortly after my last posting here on the blog, Episode One of Rapturous Dawn won Second Place in the Short Fiction Writer's Guild's New Series Contest (September, 2015).

Some of you may already be aware, but Wicked Red is actually a second pen name for me. This serial, and other projects I write under the name Wicked Red, are meant for fun, a diversion away from the longer (and often more serious) fantasy novels I write under my other name, Everyn Kildare.

If you scroll back a few blog posts into the summer of 2015 you'll see that right around the time I was preparing to release the Fifth Episode of Rapturous Dawn: Season One, I was suddenly struck ill. I struggled with mysterious health issues for the next year, and when I did work on my writing, I felt compelled to work on the novels that readers of my other pen name were asking for, and had been asking for for some time. I left my side-projects and the things I wrote purely for fun (poetry, short stories, and pretty much all of W.R.'s work) on the side for when I could find more time to dabble and play with them again.

Somehow, two years passed. My health issues, though not fully resolved, are now diagnosed and much more manageable. I'm getting ready to release the fourth book in the urban fantasy series I've been focused on for my main pen name, with two more books already written but in need of editing and revision. While entrenched in those re-writes and edits, I'm hoping to use my latent creative energy to finish the last five episodes of Rapturous Dawn to put out later this year. In the meantime, I'm going to be popping in here more often. I kind of miss this place :)

I no longer keep my two pen names distinctly separate, so if you're interested in my other work or reading my posts and updates over the past few years that I've been gone, you can find my other Author Blog at or look me up as @EverynKildare on most social media.
I promise, I don't bite.

In other news, I'm feeling so disastrously horrid about abandoning this guilty pleasure project, that I'm going to give away FREE copies of Episode One on Amazon for the next five days starting Monday, March 20th - five days being the maximum amount of time they'll let me give it free there since the serial is still enrolled in KDP Select. If you know anyone who might get a kick out of the series, pass it along! I'll post again when Episode One goes free tomorrow morning <3

Thanks for Reading!

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